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Making Art Is Like Making Love: Be Naked, Vulnerable & Playful!

I am starting to realise that intuitive art is like making love. I am referring to the kind of love making that blows your socks off! The times when you are completely tuned in, wild, present and ready to devour your lover as well as surrender to being devoured back. That’s when vulnerability is a must. Nakedness is a must and so is playfulness. You have to stay open and present. There is no judgment or mental chatter. Overthinking will simply kill the magic. You have to be willing to surrender and let go of the outcome and the end result. There is a time to go fact and a time to go slow. With experience and what I like to call, the art of attunement, you will get better at what is required from you and when.

Showing up for my art and making joy with art has literally turned into a soul saviour for me. I feel happier, calmer, more centred, connected and content from within. I feel a connection with my Self like never before. I can’t help thinking that perhaps its my own soul that I am making love to! I just love how good it feels to have a little space in my home that is completely dedicated to the immersive experience of splashing paint on a canvas, having a play, moving my body to music, letting go and and just connecting with that energy.

Years ago The Rolling Stones recorded a demo song called “I can’t get no satisfaction”.

They had no intention of releasing the song to the radio. In fact, they were going to record over it and improve it upon getting back to the studio. But their manager felt something when he heard it. He felt the spark and the energy of that song. To the point where he released the song to the radio station and we all know what happened next. It was the song that really made the Rolling Stones and changed them from just another band into a huge, monster band. They never ended up “finishing” the song or improving it as its imperfections were in fact perfection.

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