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Wonder Seeking: An Antidote To An Anxious System

Ever since I can remember, I have been an anxious child. I grew up in a war zone (literally) both in the country that I was born in as well as the home I grew up in so you could say that I had a head start in living with anxiety and fear, which soon became rather crippling. I was very disconnected from my Self as well as my creativity energy. The truth is that nothing blocks our creative flow more than anxiety and fear (living in a state of surviving verses thriving). Throughout my life I’ve had to keep looking for ways to work my way through the crippling impact that anxiety and fear can have on one’s mind, body and energy. The problem with anxiety is that it makes you focus on a fearful version of the future and lose sight of the present moment. You are basically disconnected from the truth of this moment.

What has proven to be most effective and helpful, again and again has been the creative practice of “wonder seeking” — a joy seekers treasure hunt. It refers to this concept of seeking wonder in the mundane every day surrounding and being more mindful. It’s a practice that encourages us to get out in the world and become a great detective by activating our senses, which is a brilliant antidote for anxiety. It wasn’t until I discovered the art of wonder seeking (no matter how I felt) that I learned how to be more awake, calm and inspired to live mindfully — getting better at noticing the richness of life.

Let me give you an example….

After a stressful week last week I ended up spending a full day on the weekend exploring a new part of the town I live in with a friend. We investigated and discovered some new shops and cafes, and ended up finding a beautiful creek that we spent some time at and had a lovely swim in. It was pure magic. Everything from my first sip of coffee, to the gluten-free cafe we went to and the two hours we spent lying by the creek looking at the shapes of the trees, the clouds and rocks, listening to the sound of the birds and water streaming down the creek contributed to an awakening of peace and joy from within. Even though I had been to that location on few other occasions before, this time it was yet again different. I discovered things that I had previously missed. By the end of a wonder seeking day, I felt filled with creative energy and flow. After a long day out and about I felt somewhat tired and yet filled with a sense of calm, clarity and joy. I was buzzing with inspiration and creative ideas. This is what wonder seeking does. It helps us come alive and feel connected with our inner muse.

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