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From a fairly young age I had this innate feeling within me that I was born to create. I had no idea what to create nor what my purpose might be in this lifetime. I was once a refugee child with little prospects of succeeding at much. But something within me knew that as long as I followed my heart and lived with faith, I would be guided. This is exactly what has continued to happen!

My art is informed by the process of creating through joy, feeling, flow, colour, and movement. It is also inspired by nature - the nature around and the nature within, incorporating the various paths, chapters, experiences and patterns of behaviour.


I love colour, and use various acrylic and gesso layers in my art. For me, colour is the most evocative, inspiring and personal element I can use in my artwork. It forms the very essence of who we are, and how we express ourselves to the world, and can provide visual clues into our thoughts, vibration, emotions, and personality.


I believe that creativity helps us to crack open our authentic and powerful energy so we can move into a space where we can be authentically ourselves, without fear or comparison. Most of all I believe that creativity has the power to heal, transform, awaken and empower us. You can find out more about my journey in my book Coming to Life


I am passionate about helping people achieve a meaningful connection with their inner Self, to reconnect and work towards developing a closer, stronger and more secure relationship with themselves and in turn with others. My aim with my work, both as an Artist and Psychotherapist is to inspire others to experience a new reference point for joy, to overcome internal struggles, feel fulfilled and develop enhanced self-compassion, irrespective of adversity.

Intuitive painting and abstract art has assisted me in becoming more conscious of the constant pestering sound of judgement. It is a process that requires tapping into your inner awareness that is heart centered and does not rely on analysis or head based questions. It is a way of creating that is about connecting with your emotions and responding to what feels right (and at times painful).


I believe creativity has the power to connect us with our authentic Self, empower our energy, heal our wounds and transform the way we see life. In my own experience, creative expression has been a crucial part of my own healing and holistic well-being. You don't need much to start. All you need is within you now and it is my great honor to inspire you as an encouraging guide to the place within you where freedom, joy, courage, and trust reside.

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